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Levél a Szülőkhöz

Our foundation's significant supporter in the profession is the Hungarian Department of Health.


Dr. Somhegyi Annamária - A Magyar Gerincgyógyászati Társaság prevenciós programjának vezetőjének levele a Szülőkhöz itt olvasható

Physical education and other forms of class-room exercise can result in an increased concentration on studies as well as the balanced development of the children's physical, mental and spiritual well-being if the following criteria are met:

  • All children should take part in the exercise programme every day.


  • Each physical education (PE) class should involve cardiovascular and breathing exercises.


  • Each PE class should involve gymnastics, which should include frequent use of specialist posture-correcting exercise, as well as breathing exercises performed by every child.


  • Each class should include disciplined work, fun and provide a sense of achievement, even for those children who physically differ from the average.


  • PE and other organised exercise activities in school together result in school children learning and enjoying sports they can continue to pursue in adulthood.


  • Evaluation should be carried out in a way, which encourages the children to take part.


The posture-correcting exercise, which only requires a few minutes can be performed during theory classes. Our charity would supply the necessary instructions as part of the complex programme.





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