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Our foundation's significant supporter in the profession is the Hungarian Department of Health.


Dear Visitor!


We welcome you on the homepage of the "Golden Three" Charity for Spinal Protection!


The primary aim of our charity is:

  • to help the healthy and harmonic growth of our nursery and school children,

  • to improve the health of adults,

  • and to widely distribute active and passive methods for spinal protection supported by medical experts.


Our specific activities:

  • The development and introduction of complex theoretical and practical spinal protection programmes.

  • Financial and expertise assistance to ensure more and more children gain access to spinal protection.

  • Providing spinal protection equipment and know-how for an ever greater number of children and adults alike.

  • Supporting the nursery and school community in introducing spinal protection programmes.

  • 1Helping the most vulnerable workplaces in terms of spinal injury by introducing the programme and familiarising them with it.

  • The support of scientific and medical research connected with spinal protection.

  • Collaborating with other charities and foundations doing similar work.

  • To gather capital for the charity to help ensure the long-term realisation of the charity's primary goals.


Please support our cause, lend a helping hand to the realisation of a nationwide initiative, which will help to build a healthier present and future!


Sándor Béres

President, Board of Trustees

Honlap Visszajelzés Keresés
Account number of the Golden Three Foundation: HU36-10100840-57492900-01000007
Copyright © 2006 The "Golden Three" Foundation for Spinal Protection